Our downtown hair garage, constructed with high ceilings, industrial flooring, and filled with light, art, and music, lives up to our philosophy that the best ideas come from ever-evolving change. At Spanish Fly Hair Garage, the art is a rotating exhibit, the music a mix of current sound, and the view from our windows is an ever-changing urban landscape of our vivacious Capital city. Nestled in the heart of downtown, Spanish Fly Hair Garage works to reinvent what has been, with the perfect balance of both instincts and talent we are always on the cutting edge of what's to come.


Spanish Fly Hair Garage is Sacramento's largest retailer of Bumble and bumble. Our staff can recommend a product path that is right for you and your hair.



Goldwell products are formulated using the most advanced technologies to deliver the utmost predictable and vibrant results every single time.



We proudly offer a core system of Dermalogica retail products to keep your skin on track. Cleansers, toners, exfolients, moistoirizers, etc.


They dolled me up after my horrible hospital admission. My new hair color recovered me from the " Chuckie doll" look to my Asian Barbie doll do. Good service and the environment is unique.The hairstylist didn't rush at all. She listened to my wants and did my hair just the way I wanted it. Loved my hair! I went out singing in my head " ....................wiggle wiggle wiggle.." . Happy hair, happy wallet, happy me. Bingo!

- Maria Gerona L

Sacramento, CA